We help our clients lower their costs in multiple ways coupled with the ERC Refund Analysis as shown below.
All ercTree© clients that file for ERC Tax Credit Refunds through our approved Firms, are provided a Comprehensive Business Cost Savings Reduction Evaluation (CSRE). To obtain your ERC Refund Quotes, your business is having to supply much of the information needed to have a CSRE completed.
The most common cost reductions obtained daily for businesses like yours are Utility Bills, Business Telecom/Mobile Services Fee/Contract Renegotiation, Printer/Copier Contracts & Significantly less cost to purchase Toner Cartridge, Security Services, Cleaning and Sanitization Services, and potentially your business may qualify for Net Zero Merchant Processing Services.

This is a FREE/Complementary ercTree© Service included with your ERC Refund Underwriting Analysis.


Costs Reductions and Contract Renegotiations are being made daily through this added value service included with your ERC Refund Analyisis, especially since the Covid19 Pandemic…
There are a number of ways to save and it this value-add service is being provided to you with zero upfront or out-of- pocket for a Cost Reduction Expert to complete your Businesses Cost Savings Reduction Evaluation (CSRE). Just like ERC Files, ercTree© only gets paid if we can obtain you money and same with Costs Reduction and Contract Renegotiations save you money.
You “do not” have to switch vendors or services providers to have significant savings obtained.

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