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The Founder of ercTree® was introduced to the ERC space by a trusted friend as an opportunity to help small businesses get financial relief after the pandemic. In June 2022, he began researching and comparing various aspects of over 40 different online “pop-up” ERC companies. He requested information about their background experience in filing tax credits as well as their compliance with IRS certifications-documentation that any ERC firm should have in order to calculate refunds and determine what a client’s filing fees and options should be.

In September 2022, ercTree was officially incorporated, after the founder had spent the previous few months submitting warm-market businesses to a variety of ERC companies, seeking to identify highly skilled Tax Credits and Corporate Incentives firms, which the majority, he found, were not. For example, many were taking on average of 45 days to provide a single quote. Meanwhile, ercTree determined to partner with accounting firms who could provide customer quotes within 5-10 business days from when a completed file was submitted to a firm.

Isn’t it worth a quick call to see if your small business could qualify for a Payroll Tax Credit?

Take 5 minutes to schedule a call with an ercTree® Expert, because most likely this call is worth hundreds of thousands in tax refunds to you.

What You Should Know?

The ERC Program and guidelines have changed 3 times….download pdf to read more.


ERC Credit Advance Funding

Obtain the majority of your ERC Refund in weeks, not months.

Maximum Funding

Approved Firms will evaluate your refund in every way possible to ensure they maximize your credit.

Lightning Fast Results

Our streamlined processes allow for faster results, which means faster funding.

ERC Approved Firms

Our approved firms strictly focus on the Tax Credit Space, making them experts and resulting in more ERC Refunds for your business.

Professional Support

Although our process is quick and painless, when you have questions we have answers with a dedicated team of ERC support representatives.

Dedicated to ERC

No need to be the guinea pig for your local CPA. ercTree approved Firms average 30% to 50% more ERC Refunds than a CPA not familiar with filing (ERC) Tax Credits for businesses.

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